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Cedarleaf VFX provides 3D Lidar, survey, photogrammetry, and aerial mapping data, for the film, television and entertainment industry.

Who We Are

Cedarleaf VFX is a 3D capture company based in Los Angeles. We create highly-detailed 3D datasets for the visual effects industry - often tackling unique or cumbersome projects that our competitors can't deliver.

Cedarleaf VFX began in commercial and heavy industry architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). We pioneered 3D Capture technology and provided usable data to rigorous standards that was created for, and adapted to our client workflows worldwide. We were early adapters across several other industries as well including forensics, oil & gas, transportation, semi-conductor, and historical preservation. Throughout this time we’ve had the opportunity to scan some of the worlds most ancient structures as well as countless remote locations around the globe. 

Today, Cedarleaf VFX’s sole focus is serving the VFX industry. We bring years of technical, professional, and innovative experience to our clients. Our focus is customer service and satisfaction.

Survey-grade Precision
Adaptable Workflows
25+ Years of Experience
Client Specific Deliverables
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State of the art capture.

Cedarleaf VFX is a full-service Lidar consultancy - we see each project as a unique opportunity. Our breadth of abilities in scanning and photogrammetry stretches across three major categories: environmental capture, large-scale 3D Lidar surveying, and virtual location scouting.

We bring our expertise in surveying, visual effects, and film production to any and every cinematic challenge we are presented with. Learn more about how we capture and process data.

Our Capture Process

Large Scale 3D Survey

We scan at the scale of cities or entire landscapes using survey best-practices. We tie to existing survey control, or create project specific controls - this method allow us to use a combination of capture methods to create geo-located models at centimeter accuracy.

Environmental Capture

Digitize sets, filming locations, or any other environment - built or natural - through our capture services giving you a fully-detailed point cloud model.

Character, Vehicle, and Prop Scanning

Turn physical objects into renderable models. Step into our mobile scanner - become virtual in minutes.

Virtual Location Scouting

Save thousands of dollars and hours scouting your next filming location. Instead of sending a full crew - send us, and scout the location digitally using the tech of your choice - from PDF to VR.
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