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CedarleafVFX provides 3D Lidar, survey, photogrammetry, and aerial mapping data, for the film, television and entertainment industry.

Who We Are

We began in commercial and heavy industry architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). We pioneered 3D Capture technology and provided usable data to rigorous standards that were created/adapted to our client workflows worldwide.We were early adapters across several other industries (forensics, oil & gas, transportation, semi-conductor, preservation).

Today, Cedarleaf VFX’s sole focus is in the VFX industry. We bring years of technical, professional, and innovative experience to our clients. Our focus is customer service and satisfaction.


Survey-grade Precision
Adaptable Workflows
25+ Years of Experience
Client Specific Deliverables


While Cedarleaf VFX is a full-service consultancy, we've grouped our breadth of abilities into two major categories; environment and vehicle scanning and photogrammerty services. We bring our expertise in surveying, visual effects, and film production to any and every cinematic challenge we are presented with.

Environment Capture
Vehicle Capture

Capture & Output

We use state-of-the-art capture technology to create incredibly high-resolution, textured 3D deliverables for visual effects. Combined with our extensive background, we are able to capture and deliver survey-grade results. Our workflow is flexible: we understand that every project is unique. As a result, we customize our process for each project ensuring the best results for maximum usability.

We are proud to have Helinet as our aerial partner.



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